Order of Malta Commandery Pen Holders

Organize your Masonic writing essentials with our customizable Order of Malta Commandery Pen Holders. Featuring the symbols and emblems associated with the Order of Malta Commandery, including the Maltese cross and other significant motifs, these pen holders add Masonic elegance to your workspace. Personalize your pen holder with your name, initials, or a meaningful inscription, reflecting your unique Masonic journey. Designed to securely hold your pens and pencils, these customizable pen holders combine functionality with personalized Masonic pride. Choose from our collection and elevate your writing experience with our exceptional Order of Malta Commandery Pen Holders. Celebrate the... Read More
Order Of Malta Commandery Pen Holder - Leather Brass

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  • brass red
  • brass brown
  • brass green
  • brass purple
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